​Pleasure Not Meating You:
A Science-Based Approach to
the Vegan Lifestyle 

(And Some Recipes, Too)

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    ​"​I am a committed omnivore with absolutely no understanding of vegan diets. Melody does an excellent job of explaining some of the rewards and challenges of the vegan diet." ​-Customer
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    ​"Melody has created a very concise and easy to understand reference guide suitable for experienced vegans as well as new vegans and those curious about veganism." -Customer

Being strong enough to bend metal and still living a vegan lifestyle isn't always easy. But, it's simpler now with Melody's book, 

Pleasure Not Meating You

"​A refreshingly candid take on veganism."

Pleasure Not Meating You is an excellent science-based approach to eating vegan. Presenting solutions to challenges facing those pursuing a vegan lifestyle while dispelling common myths and misconceptions, Melody has created a very concise and easy to understand reference guide suitable for experienced vegans as well as new vegans and those curious about veganism. As a bonus, she's included some of her favorite recipes, most of which are easy to prepare and delicious. Whether you are a longtime vegan or just curious, this is an excellent addition to your library.

​*B​ANNED from a V​EGAN magazine*

Pleasure Not Meating You was banned from a vegan magazine because it contained peer-reviewed research demonstrating that vegans need some nutritional supplementation to their diets. 

"I hope this information helps Ms. Schoenfeld and we hope she publishes more books in the future with better (or no) nutritional science."

The magazine said they don't publish that kind of information because it scares people away from being vegan, and they only publish research from specific researchers​.

"And this is EXACTLY why I wrote the book. Cherry-picking research to promote your view does no one any good.  The rejection doesn't surprise me, but it's a good example of the scale of the problem."
-Melody Schoenfeld, MA, CSCS

​Melody Schoenfeld


About the Author

Melody Schoenfeld, MA, CSCS, has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. She is the owner of Flawless Fitness, a small personal training center in Pasadena, CA, and Evil Munky Enterprises, a small fitness equipment manufacturing company. Melody writes and speaks nationally and internationally on various fitness topics and has a master’s degree in Health Psychology. Melody has held state and American records in all three lifts in powerlifting, is probably the smallest and lightest competitor you'll ever see at a strongman competition, and regularly performs old time strongman feats of strength such as tearing phone books and bending rebar. In her free time, you’ll find her cooking unreasonably large quantities of vegan food, fronting a few heavy metal bands, and telling horrible jokes. 

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"I bought Pleasure Not Meating You  for
internet arguments,
but now it's helping real people."

"Few purchases have been as rewarding as buying this book. I am a committed omnivore with absolutely no understanding of vegan diets. Melody does an excellent job of explaining some of the rewards and challenges of the vegan diet. The recipes look intriguing, and I will definitely be making some of those soups.

I will probably have to buy another copy because I found out today that my co-worker is vegan and has health problems. And they are the kind associated with an unmanaged vegan diet. I asked her about what she does for Iron, Vitamin D, B12, etc. and she immediately said those were all the deficiencies her doctor says she has. She's nearly 50 years old and unaware of how to manage her diet. This book is going to really help her." -Customer

Pleasure Not Meating You

Make It EASIER for Yourself (or Loved Ones) Going Vegan

When it comes to nutrition and the vegan lifestyle, there is a lot of information out there. Some of it is good, some of it is... well, let's call it "questionable." This book serves as a common-sense guide for those who are seeking valid, unbiased, non-cherry picked information about how to eat truly healthfully as a vegan.

It sifts through many of the myths and misconceptions about being vegan and provides valuable information in an easy-to-read format. The book also provides information on basic cooking skills and some of the author's favorite easy-to-make recipes.

This is a realistic, down-to-earth, factual guide to proper vegan eating with recipes enjoyable for all. Whether you are a seasoned vegan, looking into becoming a vegan, or simply want to learn more about nutrition and cooking, this is a great book to add to your library. Includes a foreword by Dr. Mike Israetel, PhD, Professor of Nutrition for Public Health, Temple University.

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    Pictures of everything: Yes, there are pictures of every recipe and all the ingredients you'll need.
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     No cherry-picked information: There is a lot of false information in vegan culture. For people new to the vegan scene (or even educating themselves for loved ones), this is a must have.
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    Recipes are easy: All of the recipes are easy to follow with simple instructions. There is also a guide on how to veganize any recipe.

"When I first flicked through this book (as I usually do to get a feel for the layout) I was pleasantly surprised and delighted by the pictures of the ingredients needed for each recipe. I began to read the whole book from cover to cover. There is a treasure trove of helpful information and guidance for new potential vegans to vegans who have been eating the vegan way for many years and enjoying it. The recipes are a pure delight. As one who is new to veganism I would recommend this book with 5 big stars." -Customer

What People Are Saying

“​As a coach​ and founder of an online fitness community ​with  a lot vegetarian members, I was thrilled to find this book.​"

“I am not a vegan. I am not even a vegetarian. Maybe I will eat less meat in the future (probably will eat less), but I have no current plans to stop eating meat completely.

It's been really hard to find scientifically accurate vegan and vegetarian resources I can refer my readers to because I've found that vegans are so passionate about their personal ethics that sometimes their passion gets in the way of what science and evidence actually says about the nutrition. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first evidence-based book on vegan eating ever released.

Melody covers all the major points and debunks all the common myths about veganism, combining the passion of her personal values with scientific references to everything she says. Five stars."

​Tom Venuto
- Author of Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle

​"I know Melody so I'm confident this book is a phenomenal resource."

​"Pleasure Not Meating You is a science-based book for people who prefer a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. So if that's how you eat, or you want to eat that way, this is a must-read book. Did I mention that Melody Schoenfeld *bends steel and rips phone-books* in half?

​​Unlike some vegans who use fear-mongering to scare people into eating a vegan diet with incorrect information, Melody knows many people choose that lifestyle for ethical reasons, and she gives you a great guide to successfully eat that way."

​​Nia Shanks
- Author of ​Lift Like A Girl: Be More, Not Less

​"If you think she's some weak vegan, she rips phone books in half for fun."

​"I don't think I'll ever go vegan, but I am interested in including more vegans meals into my diet, especially as I age and because of my family history of high cholesterol. Note the subtitle: "A Science-Based Approach." I can vouch for Melody's dedication to science. She's picked me up like I weigh nothing."

​James Fell
- Author of ​The Holy Sh!t Moment

​"​​An excellent no nonsense guide to vegan nutrition!"

​Emma ​
- ​Owner Tough Like Mama

​"I’m happy to report 3 weeks in and I’ve lost 14lbs. ​Pleasure Not Meating You, I HIGHLY recommend it!"

​"Every now and then, when you need em most, God will send you an angel. We don’t know how they will impact our lives when we meet, so we go along with our lives until they get the chance to jump into action.

​Melody reached out to me after she saw my failing health and said “let me help you? ​I can show you new ways to get healthy.” I thought, well, I’m doubtful I could get much worse, ​she taught me about a better way to get healthy. I’ve heeded her every word, almost, and, although it was crazy tough to find the motivation, I thought “if she’s putting in the time, then so am I.”

​If you’re looking to lose weight, and just get healthy, send her a friend request and get ready to really learn how to be a healthier you.

To you, Melody: I’m not sure who sent you, but I truly thank God and the Universe for you.

​​Kevin Parker Robinson
- ​Platinum Recording Artist

​"​This book is full of science to help you make your own decisions about the vegan lifestyle."

“I enjoyed that there are non-vegan nutrition experts who weigh in on Melody’s information and nutrition recommendations ensuring the accuracy of the book.

I've incorporated all of the deserts for my kiddo already because it is helping me get veggies into his life both with food that is good for him but he loves the taste! Win-win.

I am off to make Melody’s Chickpea Blondies from the book <3"

Ashley of ShowMeAshley.com
- Military Wife/Mother

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